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Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark
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2-1 Kuramitsu Hakusan-city Ishikawa

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Hakusan Geo Roll

"Hakusan Geo Roll" is a roll made with rice flour grown in Hakusan-city in the image of Geopark. Every store in the city planned it to boost Geopark's activities in commemoration of approval for Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark as Japan Geopark. Now they are on sale at 5 stores in the city.

■Authorization standard for Hakusan Geo Roll

  • Stores operating at Hakusan-city
  • A roll made with rice flour grown in Hakusan-city (the ratio of rice flour is more than 40%)
  • A roll made in the image of Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark

Malted Rice

Sweets Factory Crouton
620-1 Yatsuya-machi Hakusan-city
TEL 076-275-4227

Rice, sake, and sake lees are made from good water beneath Mt. Hakusan. With the image of the river, rice (shinbiki-powder) are put on the side and sweet redbean, dainagon, grown in Noto are put on the middle in the motif of pebble. Healthy Georoll is completed with home-grown nice sake lees and soybean flour cream, that is gentle to your body.

Blessing of Mt. Hakusan Roll

Cake Shop Shimaya
9 Naka-machi Hakusan-city
TEL 076-275-0545

Wasanbon sugar whose features are elegant fragrance and delicate sweetness, and mixed powder of rice flour grown in Hakusan-city and wheat are used in baking to make moist and fluffy cakes. On top of the cake onigurumi walnut grown in Yoshinodani are scattered. Wasanbon sugar is also used to make high-quality cream to make it tender and dainty. Astringent skin and peeled chestnuts are added to the cream and they make the cake Japanese taste.

Soybean Flour Roll

Lumiere Oguraya Sweet Shop
83 Yasuyoshi-machi Hakusan-city
TEL 076-275-0860

Based on the theme of Island community's geosites, the dough is made with rice (rice flour) and soybeans (soybean flour) produced in the Tedori River alluvial fan. With the image of the Island community, sweet black bean and soybean flour paste and tapioca are sprinkled on the cross-section surface of the roll.

Kuromoji Pick Roll

166-3 Shiramine-guchi Hakusan-city
TEL 076-259-2030

Lindera trees naturally grow in a place similar to the beech forests in the base of the Mt. Hakusan. Flavor of this tree's bark and leaves are so good that it has been used as a toothpick for a long time. This roll's sponge cake was baked with the leave so it's aromatic.