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Theme Story

What is Geopark in the first place?

Geopark is a system to learn and try to enjoy our district's "story of the earth"(Geo), and "nature"(ecology), and relation between these and our "life, history, culture and industry"(people), If you look at Hakusan-city from the perspective of Geo, you will discover a new aspect of the city. Goepark is "learning home", as well as the district's "treasure hunting". Hakusan Tedorigawa Geopark's aim is to let many people know and enjoy Hakusan-city's attractions.

Story of the earth, nature, and people's lives

In the city, geological layer and rock body, which have 300 million years of history, exist as foundations.。
Large quantities of snow coming from the Sea of Japan to Mt. Hakusan goes back the Sea of Japan through the Tedori River.
~water circulation/
trip of water~
Various topography and nature such as the mountains, the rivers, the valleys, the waterfalls, and the alluvial fan were created on varied foundation by the action of trip of water from past to present.
Under these circumstances our place to live was created, and we have history, culture, and industry utilizing blessings, that is to say, water resources.
While water nutures all living things, our lives and property are threatened by flooding. But people in this area has wisdom to parry flood damage, so they have coexisted with water.